Preparation for my Preparation

You may have heard me use this phrase on my Instagram before. In short, when I say “Prep for Prep,” I’m talking about my improvement season and the time I take to prepare for my time on stage. -Every day that you have the stage at the top of your Goals list is a day where “Prep for Prep” is in effect.- Keep this in mind, when you feel like your off season isn’t just as important as your prep.

With that being said, I took 7 months to prepare for this upcoming 2018 season. I backed out of what was supposed to be my last show of the season last year, I did not reverse diet, and I gained more weight than I should have. Not really the way I wanted to end my season, OR start my off season. But when I got my shit together, I started to put on size where I wanted, I.e. my delts, and everyone’s favorite, my butt. And although it hasn’t been smooth sailing in the body image department along the way, I’ve come to the end of my Prep for Prep happy with what I’ve built.

Today I started with my coach, Adam Atkinson (@SeeYouLaterLeaner on IG). We are not necessarily cutting right now, but more so, getting back into the swing of tracking and actually increasing my macros. I will still continue to do all my own training  (my current 8 week program details are in the TRAIN WITH ME tab), while he takes full control of my nutrition. I am extremely excited about working with Adam and the SYLL team, and think we’re a great fit already. I’ll be posting my starting/current physique photos and measurements below, but first,


  1. Win the overall at the Julie Palmer on June 2nd and requalify. — I chose this show so I could go back home to Ohio, and visit fam at the same time. This will be my first show of the season, so I am 24 weeks out today. [Slow and steady wins the race.]
  2. Not only bring the best package I’ve ever built, but also bring the best stage presence! That means posing, sass, posing and sass!
  3. Place top 10 at Jr. Nationals — I got last call outs last year, and I’m coming back with that fire LIT!
  4. And just in case #2 doesn’t get checked off my list, I have some other shows in mind, because I’m going PRO this year.
  5. Oh yea, and drink your damn water, Caraline! Geez!

So there you have it. I put my goals out there into the universe. I’ve written them down, so this shit is real. Now it’s time to work. 24 weeks out.

Here is me today, 12-15-17


Weight: 157.6

Height: 5’11”

Age: 24

L Arm: 12″    R Arm: 12.3″

Chest: 34″

Shoulders: 42.3″

Waist: 28.5″

Hips: 41″

L Quad: 23″   R Quad: 23.2″

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