What are my Macros?

Like I mentioned in my first blog post, we are working on INCREASING calories right now to get up to a higher maintenance, as well as trying to shuttle through nutrients quicker with a tad higher protein. With an increase in calories, SURPRISE! also comes a slight increase in weight. My weight has shot up 1-2lbs since the beginning of last week, and while fluctuations are to be expected, I DO get bummed about it! That’s normal, but I don’t let it ruin my day or my attitude, because I KNOW that this is okay! Shit, last year I gained 3lbs when I started CUTTING! My body was like “woah! Nope. Nope. Nope.” So regardless, gaining a few pounds, or LOSING a few too, is absolutely normal when you’re in the process of changing your diet. Fluctuations occur everyday. And to prove that, I weigh myself every morning during prep. Here were this week’s weigh ins:

12-15: 157.6    12-16: 157.8    12-17: 158

12-18: 159       12-19: 158.6    12-20: 158.4

12-21: 158.6    12-22: 158.6    12-23: 158.4

As you can see, it goes up and then back down, and then kind of levels off at about 1lb above my starting weight. Nothing major, but I’m happy with it. As we continue to increase calories, weight will continue to fluctuate but shouldn’t go up TOO much (ideally).

NOW! I follow the If It Fits Your Macros approach to dieting, otherwise known as IIFYM or flexible dieting. I get asked what my macros are almost everyday, and up until now, I have never given anyone the answer. I’ve gone back and forth about doing this, but I really do think it will be more helpful than it is harmful IF you read and understand the disclaimer below!

What are my macros?


I will be putting MY current PREP macros in this blog. In no way, shape, or form am I telling anyone to use these numbers as their own, whether they be in prep or not. In no way am I telling anyone that these numbers will make you look like me, or even work in the same way. These are my personal numbers, calculated for my individual body, and goals by my coach. EVEN IF you are the same age, height, and weight as me, everyone’s body reacts differently to even the same numbers. I feel I must say these things because I do not want anyone thinking they should be on the these macros, and I definitely don’t want anyone possibly harming their health if they do try to keep up with my prep macros as they decrease. If you do see that you are a similar height and build as me, and have questions about whether or not your current macros are too low/high, feel free to email me (CONTACT in the tabs above). Thank you!

These numbers will increase as weeks go on; to be honest, I didn’t realize how much I was undereating while not tracking. Most days, when I wasn’t paying attention, my macros were probably 0p, 100f, and 568c (total exaggeration but not really). Me and Brittany (hi, my best friend Brittany Lesser) would joke all the time like, “wow I’ve had like 3g of protein this week. Lawl.” This is why tracking your intake is a very helpful tool to make sure you’re eating enough! It’s not just for losing weight. Keep this in mind if you’re trying to “intuitive eat” but don’t have a solid knowledgeable foundation on what’s in the foods you eat day to day already.

Calories: 2,140

Protein: 160g

Carbs: 240g

Fats: 60g

So there you have it! These are my macros, and I will keep y’all in the loop of any changes we make. Thanks for reading today’s short blurb! Next week I am going to be talking about the COSTS OF COMPETING!



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