New Year Protocol & Why 2017 didn’t suck

Happy New Year y’all!

With the new year, always comes the cliché “New year, New me” and the ever so popular, “New Year, who dis?!” And while all that is fine and dandy, you do NOT need a new year to make a change in your life. I think people truly do like to put things off until the new year because it seems to be what everyone else is doing, and we don’t have to be held accountable for the time we wasted not going after our goals. NO NO NO! If at anytime you find yourself in a rut, a lull, or any situation you are not thriving in, CHANGE IT! You might be saying, “Oh, its not that easy, Caraline.” Well, it is. It’s not as easy as getting it done in one day, but it is 100% doable if you just START where you are, with what you have, and start THRIVING. We make excuses for ourselves at the end of each year on why we weren’t able to be who we wanted to be, or do what we wanted to do. Why? You want to lose weight? The simplest way to do that is move more and eat less. That means grab the dog and go for more walks, go to the gym, and real in your diet. You want to cut negative things out of your life? Do it! Don’t wait till 2019 to put yourself first. But make sure you’re also looking inward to make sure you’re not the one adding negativity to your own, or someone else’s life. Bottom line, if you want to change something, do something, or go somewhere, don’t wait for a Monday to get started, or a NEW YEAR do decide it’s finally a priority. The sooner you begin, the sooner those goals become a reality. I promise you your life will drastically improve if you stop making excuses for procrastinating on your own happiness.


First, let me tell you why YOUR year didn’t suck. There were shitty times, of course, but you don’t throw the whole year away because boys are trash, or because the scale went up. I understand that each year we go through hardships such as losing loved ones, break ups, illness (physical and mental), juggling expenses, school, and the attention of our friends, and that’s HARD! I get it, I’ve been there. BUT, if one or even all of these happen, your LIFE does not suck. Don’t write off an entire year of your blessed life because things happened that are out of your control. And even if you made mistakes and got into some shitty situations of your own doing, fuck it! Life goes on! There were terrible tragedies all over our precious Earth this year. From hurricanes and fires, to political dismay and confusion. But I saw so many people from all over the world helping out those in need, even those in other countries! That is what it’s all about. Our fellow human beings coming together to help one another. Attempting to turn tragedy into triumph. You need to do that within your own life as well. I bet so many amazing things happened this year that you’re not giving yourself enough credit for. Maybe you got a new job, or maybe you LEFT a job to pursue something you actually love. That takes courage! Maybe you took a chance and trusted someone for once, and now you’re head over heels in love! Or maybe you went through a bad breakup with “the one”, but now you realize that he wasn’t even close to being good enough for you and you can go back to being the badass bitch you’ve always been. Maybe you said hello and smiled at a stranger on the street. It’s simple, but that could have changed their life. Maybe you were faced with a situation where you could have easily fallen back into bad behaviors, but you rose above and stayed away. That’s progress, and that’s BRAVE! Those are just 6 things that could have happened out of the 365 days last year. And if you’re telling me that you didn’t do anything great or meaningful in 2017, check yourself, your surroundings, and the people in your life, because I guarantee if that’s actually true then you really DO need a new year, new you mentality this year. But on the off chance that you realize how amazing your life is, how blessed you are to be living it, and that humans fuck up sometimes (a lot), and how you’re going to change things and do things to better your life each day, NOW WE’RE TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING GREAT!


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  1. Mommy says:

    I love you so much! How did you get so smart!
    You have an old soul in that young body. You remind me of your namesake more & more. Mamo Jefferson never had a unkind word for anyone. I strive to get there and miss her every day.
    You make me so proud my baby girl 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Meh I miss you so much! I’ll be home soon! I love you!


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