Week 1 on my Cut: Holding myself back

Let me start by saying that I am not “on point” with my macros right now. I’m still struggling to get in my protein, and am always over in fats. Lawl. I know when I’m not within my numbers, or when a food clearly won’t fit, and I’ve been enjoying myself everyday no matter what numbers I hit. BUT I need to hold myself more accountable, and start taking this prep more seriously. I’m done making excuses for myself, and I’ll admit, getting back into tracking has been a little tougher this time around. I have a lot more things going on this year than I did in my previous preps.

My first year in prep, I had already graduated college, and was still living at home, and my dad was prepping along side me the whole way. He was my accountability, we were each other’s. He wasn’t prepping for a show, but we both killed it that year! My mom supported us both, helped cook and prep meals, and I just didn’t have a lot to worry about (besides a shitty breakup 2 days before my birthday, then breaking my toe the next day, but then ALSO winning my overall 3 days after that…it’s fine).

My second season was night and day from my first. I had moved across country, and prepped completely by myself. I basically stuck to myself for the majority of my prep for that matter. I only knew a few people in California, so it was easy to be alone. I liked it in fact. Obviously, still talked to my parents alllll the time, and Yes, I had roommates, but they weren’t my best friends, or gym buddies or anything. I only got to see Brittany [Lesser] every couple months when we could both find time, and my other best friend at the time was this guy I knew from college. He lived close, and was actually the one that found me those roommates in the first place. We would go to the gym from time to time, and all hang out together. His name’s Payton, and we’re still close 😉 …..


He’s my boyfriend y’all. It’s the same Payton. My Payton. Long story. If you follow my twitter, you know it (@tweetcaraline).

Anyways, this past season wasn’t the best. Prep felt smooth, but my season did not reflect it (definitely needed to come in more conditioned, and with better posing).

NOW! This season, I am in a completely new situation yet again, where I now live with this Payton man, whom I love, as well as our friend Jason. Still in California, BUT now I constantly have someone to be with, lift with, eat with, live with, etc. IT’S AWESOME! But I do find myself wanting to do better with my nutrition, and sometimes I get distracted with wanting to enjoy everything there is to enjoy with Payton. I’ve even got him and Jason using my fitness pal and tracking their macros! They’re both trying to gain weight and put on size, while I obviously am on the opposite end of that now. It’s both good and bad having me and Payton tracking together. We both keep each other accountable with eating right and hitting our numbers, and getting to the gym, but we’re also each other’s kryptonite when it comes to “treating ourselves.” As soon as one of us is like….I want sushi, or want to get taco bell, the other is right behind like OKAY! Sometimes it fits, sometimes it doesn’t.

SO, here’s me saying NO MORE! I am going to be consistent with both the gym and my macros. I’m going to eat only things that FIT. I am going to hold myself and Payton to higher standards of discipline, and I’m going to slay this prep. The Arnold is in about 6ish weeks, and I’m motivated to get my shit somewhat together for the expo (I’ll be working the Pescience booth again this year, so come by and say HI!).

Below are my current macros (updated from last time I posted them),  my current physique pictures, measurements, and cardio.

Macros: P 145  C 210  F 50


L Arm: 11.7″    R Arm: 12.3″

Chest: 33.5″

Shoulders: 44″

Waist: 28″

Hips: 40.5″

L Quad: 22.7″    R Quad: 23″

Current weight: 156-157lbs

I am currently doing two 20 minute sessions of LISS (I like high incline walking on the treadmill), and two 10 minute HIIT sessions (I like battle ropes, slam balls, etc).

Thank Y’all so much for reading and keeping up with my Prep so far! I promise I will get back on a regular posting schedule (Saturdays), life has just been all over the place recently. Comment below, or DM me on Instagram (carafit3) if you have any topics you would like me to talk about next week!



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