Transformation Tuesday: Physique update

I am going on week 7 of my prep. I started December 15 (the first day I posted to this blog), and have lost about 6lbs. I started this prep at 157.6, and today I weighed in at 153.2. You might be wondering how this math adds up, so I’ll tell you. EVERY TIME I START CUTTING I GAIN 2lbs! Literally, every single time. My body freaks out, and is like “woah woah wait. I liked what we were doing before, I’m not ready. Gotta gain some weight to combat this shit.” Then I gain 2lbs, and have to then lose them to get back where I started to then REALLY start losing weight. By December 18 I was 159…that’s 3 days. It then took me the rest of the month to get back down to 157 without continually fluctuating back up. It wasn’t until the last few weeks that I actually started seeing the scale move, and small changes in my body with each check in. No abs yet, but I know they’re in there somewhere. 😉

Below is my starting physique vs. Saturday’s physique. [6 weeks apart]

To be honest, this is the first time I’ve put any pictures side by side, and I’m shocked. It’s so hard to see your own progress. You see yourself everyday, so noticing the small changes is almost impossible day to day. But seeing these pictures next to each other, I’m like Wow, I did that. I’m DOING this. It’s obviously nothing drastic, but it’s an open door into a hopeful prep. I honestly thought I was way behind in where I should be, but I just have to keep reminding myself that this is why I opt for longer, slower preps. I worked my ass off [on] to put on more muscle this off season, and the most muscle I can keep, the better. This means a slower cut, so that I can drop body fat without dropping too much muscle by cutting too quickly. This may not be your goal, so bear with me. I have always struggled with keeping my upper body size. My arms and shoulders lean out exponentially quicker than my lower body, so it can look as if my upper body isn’t as proportional as it should be to my frame. [PROPORTIONS ARE THE NAME OF THE GAME, PEOPLE] This is where finding your angles, and posing for your body is so SO important! So don’t let your “posing coach” give you the same routine as them and all their other clients *eye roll*. Also, KNOWING your own body will help you immensely! If you know that you can drop weight and lean out with ease, you very well may be able to do a 12 week prep (I did this my first season). But once you actually learn how your body reacts to certain things, styles of dieting/training/cardio, your body will change up on you! It gets harder and harder to lose weight sometimes because your body starts adapting, and changes need to be made. Sometimes the changes work, the next time they might not. Each prep will be different, so prepare for this [mentally]. When things get tough, talk to your coach. When things start to plateau, changes will soon need to follow. You do not need to be making changes every week. Wait until you see progress slowing down. If you are consistently losing body fat, and your measurements are going down at a consistent rate, then just chill and let it ride. When you need to kick it up a notch, you’ll know. And if you don’t know, your coach will. This is why I always suggest a coach ( heyyy), because they can see changes you don’t, they can see stalls that you may be missing, and they’ll be honest with you on the next plan of attack because that’s what you’re paying them for. Trust them and make sure they can trust YOU to do as they say.

I am 6.5 weeks in, with 17 more weeks to go. Seeing these pictures has re lit my fire, and I’m ready to keep putting in the work. I can’t wait to see what another 6 weeks will do for my physique. Maybe then I can be lean enough to actually see what my posing routine looks like on my body hahaha! Right now when I pose, I have very faint obliques, but nothing super visible for me to see if the pose is going to work in my favor or not. Trial and error people. Lots of it! The hardest part for me is being comfortable in heels. I never quite grasped that skill.

Anyways, thank y’all for reading my little update here, and as always please like any posts you enjoyed so I can see what content to keep putting out. Let me know if you have any topics you want me to cover, and have a great week!


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