I gained 5lbs overnight…wtf

This may or may not have happened to you before and you couldn’t figure out why. You wake up and step on the scale like any other day, but your weight had shot up 3-5lbs seemingly overnight! What!? How? I took my morning poop. I stripped down nakey. Better take off the hair thing on my wrist, that’s another pound at leas,t right?

You may have slightly panicked and texted your coach, like I did. Now, you and I both know that the weight that was gained was not 5lbs of fat. That would be impossible to put on straight fat in that amount of time. But to be honest, this fluctuation could be from a numerous amount of things.

The first thing I suggest you do (if you track), is to check your My Fitness Pal from the last two days. Pay close attention to your sodium intake and your food choices. The recommended daily allowance for the average American is 2300mg of sodium. So you should always try to stay within that or lower if your body reacts to it negatively like some do. As far as the food choices, I’m a creature of habit when I’m in prep. So I tend to make similar meals, enjoy the same snacks, and stick to the same types of protein until I’m basically sick of it. I prefer to do it like this rather than having SO much variety because I am constantly working or on the go, so I like the consistency because its easy. I know what I’m eating, I know it fits, I know I like it. Boom, done. On the other hand, doing things like this can get your body accustomed to certain foods, sometimes making it act up slightly if new ones are added unexpectedly.

[This is what happened to me last week.]

I hit a new low of 152.8! Weeee! I’m pumped. I have my refeed that night (+50 carbs), but Payton and I went out to a place I’ve never been to. I had planned what I was getting before we walked in, got it, ate it, it was amazing. Got home, everything was good to go with my macros, and went to bed. Woke up, weighed myself, and I was in fact 4lbs heavier…back up to 156. I was pissed. I just hit a new low, and now I’m 3 steps back. I went through my fitness pal, and low and behold the sodium on that shrimp flatbread was through the roof, and I hadn’t thought to catch that. So NOW I’m pissed at myself, because it was my own damn self that sabotaged me! Y u do this?! Wtf man. To make things worse, its been 5 days now and my weight is being a little B word, and not budging. I’m currently around 154, so yes, down 2lbs, but your girl is frustrated. BUT, just keep in mind (talking to myself AND you all), shit happens. You miss some things, you get off track, or you still hit your macros and your hormones take you on a ride for a week. That’s life, and *clap* THAT’S *clap* PREP. (The picture on this blog is a graph of my weight since starting prep).

Ooooother things that could be causing large fluctuations are lack of sleep, added stress, and like I mentioned, hormones. When it comes to sleep, that’s totally individual. You could be an amazingly functional human on 4 hours of sleep and that’s just how you live. Or, you could be used to getting 12 hours of sleep a night, that changes to only getting 9, and now your weight is all wonky. It happens! Your body adapts and adheres to your schedule, and what you’re putting it through. You may have a very high stress job/life/schedule but your body could be thriving because it knows the deal. But for someone who lives a somewhat care free life, the littlest amount of change in stress levels could altar the scale.

When we talk about hormones, the number one hormone to keep in check (in my opinion) is cortisol. Cortisol IS the stress hormone. It has even been called “public health enemy number 1” by some scientists. Elevated cortisol levels interfere with weight gain, yes, but they effect so much more! Elevated cortisol can lead to lower immune function and bone density, increase in blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart disease, and even interfere with learning and memory! The list goes on. So when you hear your coach or someone else tell you to stay calm, relax, and don’t stress yourself out too much during prep. This is why. Prep can be a severely stressful time for a lot of people, but you can create your own Calm inside the storm. You control how you are going to handle the obstacles that life throws at you. But I do understand you can only handle so much. This is where self evaluation comes into play, and you have to know your body well enough to know when something could actually be physically wrong (consult a doctor).

PS: WOMEN: Sorry ’bout it, but we tend to be a little more high stress because of the whole shedding of the uterine lining thing we do each month. So during or around this time, there are hormonal changes within you that can cause fluctuations as well. Nothing new to report on that because we all know dis. Just again, keep in mind what is normal for your body, and be prepared to self evaluate when things are out of the ordinary for your hormones, and your cycle (or lack thereof).

Hope this was helpful for some of y’all!

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