Valentine’s Day + a Physique & Life Update

First things first. Happy Sunday! I hope y’all have had a great week filled with petting floof monsters, steadily releasing an abundance of endorphins, and eating gooood! And I hope this coming week brings you the same awesomeness.

Now, I know Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s favorite holiday. Heck, it used to be my least favorite day of the year too [Bitter Betty, party of 1]. I was always in serious relationships in college, but Valentine’s Day was never a good day for some reason. It may have something to do with the fact that my first love’s birthday (and our anniversary) was on this day. So naturally, I pouted about that for a bit after we broke up. Ancient history now, but the main reason I stopped enjoying this day was because I always ended up disappointed. Not that I expected gifts and jewelry or anything extravagant, but acknowledgment would have been nice. Long story short, I sure knew how to pick em *sarcastically rolls eyes*. The guys I dated after my first love ended up not being the great people I once thought, and could care less about Valentine’s Day, let alone showing me they loved me on a day to day basis. Just so y’all can understand, they could have been President and VP of the FuqBois Only Club. Moving on.

I personally LOVE cutesy shit, so I enjoy making things, or writing letters, just to let that person know that I love them a little extra that day. And I understand that people get bitter about how “commercial” this holiday is (umm ok hipster *thumbs up*). Sorry it got too mainstream for ya. And other people have the argument that Valentine’s Day is dumb because you should show your significant other that kind of love everyday.

  1. Somewhat valid. I see your point, and agree that they should show appreciation and love always and forever.
  2. If we all treated our relationship like Valentine’s everyday, we would all be fat and broke AF. So calm down.
  3. Valentine’s Day is literally about what I said above. Just showing your person that you love them a little extra that day. Doing something nice for them, or putting your feelings out on paper, making time for them, etc.

Whatever you like to do to show appreciation, go for it. Don’t be a bitter betty because you’re too cool to acknowledge it as a “real” holiday. Its literally just for fun. I LOVE love. I always have. But Payton not only made me love Valentine’s again, he made me love every single day I get to wake up. And once upon a time that was a hard thing for me.  When you find the person that is YOUR PERSON, you will literally jump at the thought of getting to show them a little extra love for no reason at all, because sometimes its awesome to be in a spot where you want to celebrate your person and how much they’ve done for you without even realizing it. Ok.

Even if you don’t have that person yet, or don’t get to spend it with that person, you can still make plans with your favorite people, chill at home and eat all the discounted candy you got, or go out and find that person looking for love too! The candy is a win in itself, to be honest. Just don’t hate on lovey couples, because you don’t know how long they’ve been waiting for each other. Let them be happy, and you will be too.

Also, you don’t have to be looking for love to find it. Timing is a mother fucker. But 10/10 the timing of your life will blow your mind.

So have fun this week no matter the occasion. Tell the people you love HOW MUCH you love them, and treat yo self to some endorphins, some candy, and some good ass sleep.

Alrighty, here’s what my body looks like:

Physique Update




s3 s4

s6 s5

Currently back down to 152.8! Weeeeeee! If you read my last blog you know the weight fluctuations I’ve been dealing with, so to see that number again, I was ecstatic! Back down to my lowest, and now it’s time to work. Also, peep the amazing Big Bear that Payton got me (has a cute backstory posted on my Instagram), and yes Meeks is always getting in the shot as well 😉

Macros lowered as of 5  days ago:

Calories: 1783

P: 145 C: 177 F: 55

Cardio increased yesterday to:

LISS 2x a week @ 30min

HIIT 3x a week @ 12min

Current Measurements:

L Arm: 11.6″    R Arm: 12.3″

L Quad: 22.7″   R Quad: 23″

Chest: 33″

Shoulders: 43″

Waist: 26.5″

Hips: 39.7″

Thank y’all for continuing to follow my prep, and for asking questions! 16 weeks out from my show, and only 2.5 weeks until I’ll be at the Arnold!! Hope to see you there!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 😉


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