Foods I Eat Frequently

This is going to be short and sweet. Y’all asked what kind of foods I eat on prep right now, so I took pictures of some of the main things I eat for you!


Pictured is a 97/3 ground turkey quesadilla, with light sour cream, low moisture mozzarella cheese, black beans, and pico de gallo on a Romero brand tortilla. I make quesadilla every single day. I love them! I make them with ground turkey, chicken, shrimp, or fish. Sometimes I’ll add some shredded lettuce, and when I get lower in fats, ill use laughing cow cheese instead of the sour cream, and fat free cheese instead of the sprinkle cheese.

2. Yoplait Greek 100.IMG_8837

These are a great zero fat, high protein snack in the morning, with a meal, or on the go. Depending on the flavor, they all have 14-15g of Protein and about 10-11 carbs with 0 fat. I tend to choose these over carb master because of the protein.

Pro tip: stick one of the yogurts in the freezer about 20-25 minutes before you eat it. You’re welcome.

3. Egg White Scramble


1/2-1 cup egg whites, black beans, pico de gallo, cheddar, 2 turkey sausage patties. Once I get lower in fats and carbs, I will nix the black beans, and sub the cheese for fat free.

4. Special K with skim milk


self explanatory, but always bomb when you have the carbs for cereal! I like special k with red berries, or the yogurt one like this. Also I literally only pour enough milk to where I can see it, then stop, because I hate soggy cereal.

5. Rice Cakes and PB


Again, simple. I love the caramel rice cakes, but once I get lower, I’ll switch to the plain.

6. Naan bread with PB and Nanner [one of my favorite snacks]IMG_8858

I get this little pita bread type stuff (it’s called Naan bread) at Vons, put them in the toaster oven or microwave for a bit, then add a tbsp. of peanut butter, and chop up a medium sized nanner on top. The naan bread is about 24 carbs per piece, so when I get lower I switch to a lower carb pita bread I get on Amazon (Joseph’s brand). They’re only about 8-9 carbs.

7. Tuna and rice


I like the lemon pepper because it has the most protein out of the packages in this size. If you do bigger CANS, you can obviously get more protein that way. I add the rice as a filler, and because it makes the tuna taste better.

8. Chicken, Veggies, RiceIMG_8820

I’ll either make this at home, or I’ll just pick this up from Flame Broiler if I need something quick, and add in the “Magic Sauce” that they cook their chicken in (it really is magic).

9. Oatmeal


I just get the Quaker instant maple brown sugar oatmeal. Microwave first, then add in a scoop of the PEScience Protein4Oats, a tbsp of PB, and some berries and I’m good to go. As I get lower in fats, I just cut out the PB (sadly).



I’m a huge sweet tooth, so I probably have some sort of candy every day or every other day. But just to cap off my carbs at the end of the day. These 2 rolls of smarties are 12g of carbs. Or sometimes I’ll use some Sour Patch Kids as a little intra workout pick me up as well.



My favorite food on earth is sushi. Obviously deeper in prep I cannot make this fit because tracking it can be tricky. I normally stick to those that are semi well known (so that they’ll be in MFP “Accurately”), like the rainbow roll, or salmon roll (pictured). This one has the spicy mayo on it, but I normally don’t do any of the sauces because they can add up quick.

Poke is a lot easier to track because you can see them make it and you’re choosing what’s going inside. But it still your best guestimate on portion size of it all.

12. Protein shakes


I have anywhere from 0-2 shakes a day. It all just depends on my work schedule, or if I was able to get in my protein or not (which majority of the time I do not because hitting my protein is something I constantly struggle with).

I use PEScience Select Protein (code CARA for 30% off heyo!). I literally just mix it with water and chug it, I’m not fancy and don’t have the time for any of these elaborate concoctions people come up with. MY favorite flavors are the Frosted Chocolate Cupcake, the White Chocolate Mint, and the PB Cookie!

13. Fruit & Veggies

Not pictured because I ran out of fruit this week. I add a little fruit to a few of my dishes for flavor. I love adding raspberries to things like yogurt or oatmeal (pictured above), I make a killer pineapple garlic shrimp dish, otherwise I’ll just have apples or whatever as snacks, as well as cucumber or pickles!

That concludes my week of foods I frequently eat! Hope this helps! I didn’t put the macros of everything because I was lazy. Sorry just being honest. Also there’s a lot of room for different macros based on the amount of cheese, or milk, or protein, or peanut butter you use, so it’s up to y’all to determine your portion sizes based on your macros.

Also, I tend to eat things to death until I’m sick of them. Doing things like this causes me to force foods out of my diet after I literally cant stand it any more. My first prep I ate ground turkey and sweet potato allllll the time! I loved it! But my second prep I didn’t touch it once. Oh well haha I’m slowly getting the craving for sweet potatoes again, so maybe the return of the GTSP bowl will happen soon!

Thanks for reading!!

Prep and physique update coming up next!

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