Things you may or may not be doing, that can hurt you on stage

I’m just going to jump right into this one. Here is a list of things that my coach, Adam and I, agree can hurt you come show day.

1. Hair — Judges seem to like longer hair on stage, but just make sure it is not so long that it is covering your butt in your back pose. It should be nicely fixed, and shiny, but not pinned back in anyway (this doesn’t go well with the overall look). Head pieces are also a no no. Another thing in regards to the actual color, a natural color goes over better in Bikini than an unnatural hair color, such as blue, purple, or fire engine red. Figure can get away with this, but Bikini does not like it.

2. Makeup — Makeup needs to be dramatic, so normally a darker eye is a must so your eyes pop! Matching the face to the rest of your body’s tan is tough sometimes, but go lighter with the foundation and BLEND BITCHES! Use bronzer and blush to blend your neck and features to round out your look. Less is more when it comes to your lips. Do not go too dark or outrageous. Do not match your lipstick to your suit color. Lighter pinks, and neutral purples or reds seem to go well with the tan.

3. Tan —The tan is very important! If you have a streaky tan, or maybe its too light, this can be distracting, and can make you look washed out on stage. Adam also said that it is very common in blondes to actually come out too DARK. It tends to not look good with such a contrast of bright hair and an overly dark tan, so be aware of how many coats you are getting and/or want. Also, please be careful when going to the bathroom, because the second you get one pee dot on that tan, the acid eats it and now you have a big ol’ pee dot on your butt. Always double check and get your tan touched up if you pee on yourself, or get sweaty and it starts to streak.

2. Posing! — Posing is huge! Adam made a very good point of how people always see the stage shots and pictures from the show, and may be wondering why someone didn’t place as well. They didn’t get to see the entire posing routine, so it’s hard to know how they actually presented their physique on stage.

A few other tips for posing:

  • Do not bend at the waist in the back pose. Arch your back and stand straight up.
  • Keep head looking forward. No looking up or down in the back pose.
  • Do not pinch your shoulder blades in the back pose. Round shoulders back, and keep hands gently on thighs. Pinching the blades makes your upper body smaller, and takes away that X frame and the illusion of having a tiny waist.
  • Make sure you have more than one front pose. You never know which side of the stage you will have to line up on, and the judges need to be able to see your number at all times.
  • Make sure you are utilizing poses that look good for YOUR body. Not everyone looks good in the twisty front pose, and vis versa, not everyone can pull off the side glute front pose. Find YOUR routine.

4. Your physique (this one should be obvious) — Obviously your physique can hold you back if you were not ready to step on stage. Despite people thinking all you need is an ass, Bikini is all about how proportionate you are. If you have big nice glutes, but no upper body, it’s a no. If you have really nice capped delts, but no glute ham tie ins, it’s a no. You could have the biggest butt up there, but if it’s too big for your frame, you are no longer proportionate, and will get docked. Also, beware the jiggle! If you know your glutes are not as tight as they need to be, and still have a slight jiggle to them, make sure you are keeping your low back arched and glutes in check during your routine.

5. Your face — Aka don’t be a bitch! We all know us ladies can throw a mean resting bitch face when we don’t even realize it. But on stage, during your routine, you need to flash them pearly whites and look like you’re having fun out there! Smile for the judges, but keep it natural. You can throw a little sass into your transitions, and relax your face muscles slightly on the side line, but just know that a judge is always watching you.

6.  The cut of your suit bottoms — Depending on if this is a local or national show, the cut of your bottoms can vary. The two most popular, are the Brazilian and the pro cut. The Brazilian has more coverage and is acceptable at any show. Some local shows will tell their competitors that they do not want pro cuts at their show, but all national shows prefer the pro cut. The pro cut frames your glutes better, and obviously is a more revealing cut than the more modest Brazilian. Click here <— for all the info on how to choose the best suit for your body.

7. Jewelry and Nails — When it comes to these two, the main thing you want to avoid are distractions. Simple is good. Simple is classy.

  • 1 bracelet on each wrist at the most
  • 1 ring on each hand at the most
  • hoop or dangle earrings are great
  • belly button rings are ok, but no dangly ones here! Remember: Classy
  • Nail color should not match suit color
  • French tip or neutral tones are best
  • You can even put a few extra stones from your suit on your nails, but again, simple, not distracting
  • You can go short to medium length for nails. Don’t go too long (again with the class), and also keep in mind that it may be harder to tie or pull up your suit if you are not used to longer nails.

8. Extra tips:

  • You may think waiting to pee until after your stage time is best, that way you won’t risk ruining your tan. Don’t do this. Go pee, girl. If you hold it in, you can end up looking bloated on stage, which is no Bueno.
  • Don’t take anyone else’s “pre stage” or “pump up” food or candy, even if they offer. Do what your coach told you to do. You’ve got specific carbs or sugars in mind for your specific body at that moment in time. Especially if this person’s food or candy is something your body is not used to, it could react poorly with your body, and you could either: 1. End up looking flat on stage, or 2. Spill over.
  • In general, stay in your lane back stage. Do not do what others are doing. Click here <— For all the good and bad about show day
  • Wear your suit bottom connectors higher on your hips, not straight across. This will give you the illusion of more curves in the body. Wearing them straight across takes away from the glutes, and can make you look boxy.

Hopefully this was helpful for y’all! Let me know what else you want me to write about!

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