Spring Break Program!



Enrollment Closed

What You Get

  • 8 weeks of 5 days of workouts (that you get to keep), consisting of progressive overload techniques to maximize hypertrophy and strength! You will also be given 12 different HIIT workouts that you can implement as a 6th day, or as cardio on any of the others. There are 2 phases (4 weeks each) written by me. I have my Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and am an NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist with tons of experience.
  • A HOME version that coincides with the gym program is also available (you can choose to have both for when you can’t make it to the gym).
  • 8 weeks of individualized macro coaching (I also have my Sports Nutrition Specialization)
  • Constant email support and weekly check-ins, where you will be provided with personalized cardio & supplement & nutrition recommendations.
  • Grocery lists of food ideas
  • Awesome prizes at the end of the Program!

Who This Is For

  • Someone who wants some accountability to get back on track/stay on track
  • Someone who wants pre-written workouts and help determining what to eat, how to track macros, and how to reach goals via nutrition and fitness.
  • Someone who just wants to get in shape for Spring Break, an event coming up, or just healthier in general.


  • First place will receive a $250 gift card to Ravish Sands (new swimsuits hellooooo), PEScience products, and the choice of either 4-weeks of nutrition coaching, or free enrollment into my next program release.

Enrollment closes on Sunday, February 3rd, and the program begins on Monday, February 11th.

All plans will be sent by Friday, February 8th.

Spots are limited!

To get started, send your payment of either $125 for one program, or $200 for both GYM/HOME versions via PayPal to carafit3@gmail.com!

Please include your email address and which version of the program you would like as a note, so I can send you your plan!